Strong Teens

This 4 week program will teach you the fundamentals of exercise and the importance of quality nutrition while having fun. Perfect for teens looking to get fit in a non intimidating and inclusive atmosphere.
Strong Teens is a program for students who are not athletes. Our mission is to create a comfortable environment for those students who feel like they are intimidated to tryout for sport or participate in exercise. Our vision is to have the students ages 12-15 feel more comfortable so that by the end of the summer they feel ready to tryout for a sport and continue to exercise in the coming school year.
  • When: June 24-July 17 or July 22-August 14
  • Days: Monday and Wednesday
  • Time: 10-11AM
  • Cost: $120/member or $150/community member


For more information, please contact:
Peter Lambert, Health and Wellness Department Fellow
978-685-3541 ext. 434