Employment & Financial Stability

Financial Stability Center

Since 2000, LCW has been offering an array of Asset Building opportunities to its members, ranging from matched savings for asset ownership and financial education, to homebuyer education, adult basic education, youth development, and leadership development. The Lawrence Financial Stability Center practices a "bundled service" approach to family economic advancement, which fits perfectly with the priorities emerging from the LCW Lawrence Saves initiative. To learn more about the Financial Stability Center, please click here.


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Employment and Financial Stability/Coaching

The Lawrence Working Families Initiative is a groundbreaking effort to link the families of Lawrence Public Schools students with resources to access employment and advance economically. To learn more about the Lawrence Working Families Initiative, click here.


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Odanis Hernandez, Program Manager

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Job Seeker Services

The VWCC offers a full range of job search services designed to help you quickly and easily secure your first job, find a new job or research other career opportunities.To learn more about the Job Seeker Services, please click here.


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